About us

Freight-Comparator.com was established in 2018 and is the world's first free sea, air and road freight comparison marketplace.

Freight-Comparator.com is open to all freight forwarders who wish to make themselves known both nationally and internationally and thereby increase sales. This allows shippers to compare freight forwarders and find the best freight rates on the market.

Ocean, Air and Road freight rates are sometimes mysterious, so we decided to give importers / exporters the opportunity to get fair prices, real-time prices and by several freight forwarders, in fews clicks only.

Being referenced on Freight-Comparator.com, it is a guarantee of confidence for the customers and it is an opportunity to develop its activity easily.

Our team works daily to develop Freight-Comparator.com, to grow your business. We make Freight-Comparator.com the unmissable website.

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